Requested by @quixotic
I'm a non-violent person, so I took some liberties with the title. But these were my least favorite moments of 2015. As tough as they were, I'm so grateful that I could only come up with three.
  1. My son had his first anaphylactic reaction to food.
    And while we know what he is allergic to (dairy, nuts, and eggs) we don't even know what it was that he ate to make him sick. I was home alone and had to give him the Epi-pen and call 911. My husband's anxiety level has gone through the roof, and correspondingly, the stress level in our house is unusually high.
  2. One of my very dearest friends was struck by a car and nearly killed.
    Seeing him today(!!) for the first time since his accident with my own eyes, up and walking with his prosthetic leg, was a wonderful gift. I am so grateful that he is still here.
  3. My grandpa had cancer for the 2nd time.
    Thank God he has made a full recovery, but watching him suffer for months was unbearable. Being able to celebrate another Christmas with him was a highlight of my year.