Inspired by @sabrinakristine
  1. The first time my mom plucked my eyebrows, age 12 or 13. (almost fainted)
    I swear, I could feel the tiny hole in my face that was left behind. I guess I probably couldn't, but that's the feeling I had as I teetered in the bathroom. My mom sat me down and made me put my head between my knees.
  2. The time I cut my finger open on the edge of a can, age 15. (almost fainted)
    The way the sharp lid went through my skin so easily. The blood. The fear that I would have to get stitches. (I didn't, but I still have the scar.) Thank goodness my mom was there to sit me on the floor and put my head between my knees. Again.
  3. The time I rolled my neck around trying to work out a kink, age 27. (out cold)
    Honestly, this one wasn't so much fainting as it was choking myself out (to use my dad's words). Apparently I crimped a blood vessel and cut off the blood supply to my own brain for just long enough to pass out, mimicking what MMA fighters to do each other (I think??). Anyway, I went down.