Inspired by @joemurphy
  1. When I'm in front of my classroom (or more currently, when I'm tutoring)
    Not *any* classroom though. I need to have a relationship with the students. Being a substitute teacher is one of my recurring nightmares.
  2. When I'm learning
    Not limited to classrooms
  3. When I'm at a library, museum, or park
  4. When I'm in the woods
    But not, like, Survivor Man-style. A pleasant stroll will do.
  5. When I'm hosting a party at my house
  6. When something needs to be organized
    Like a closet. Not an event.
  7. When I'm working on a creative project (writing, drawing, etc)
  8. When we're on a long family car trip
    I am the snack/drink/activity/invent-games-on-the-fly Mama.