Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Fed the kids (Rice Krispies) and myself (banana-cinnamon smoothie)
  2. Planned lunch for Monday's party/wrote shopping list
  3. Assembled a new chair for our office
  4. Wrote birthday thank you notes with my daughter
  5. Played with the kids
  6. Made lunch (toasted pita with hummus and tomatoes, scrambled tofu)
  7. Attempted to clean house while husband attempted to convince kids they should nap. Neither worked.
  8. Made black bean and corn salsa for Monday's party
  9. Took the kids for a bike ride to the park and through the woods
    🎶To grandmother's house we go...🎶
  10. Made/heated up dinner (leftover potato-leek soup with toast for kids, veggie burger for me)
  11. Cleaned the house for real
    "House" being the living room that the kids spent the day destroying. The rest is still a mess.
  12. Post-clean up dance party
  13. Pulled daughter's baby tooth that was hanging on by a string for days
    And there was much rejoicing 🙏🏼
  14. Put kids to bed (jammies, brush teeth, bedtime stories)
  15. Made a cup of tea and watched Bridesmaids for the millionth time with my husband while also fruitlessly browsing the Internet for furniture
  16. Put youngest child back to bed for the first of what will be many times before morning
    (aaaand again while I was proofreading this)
  17. In between all of this were loads of laundry and many many visits to the bathroom with the potty training two year old. And I read lists, which I think goes without saying.
  18. **Edited to add: Left tooth fairy money for my daughter, after being reminded by my wonderful husband, who remembers everything. I left the tooth, though, in accordance with her wishes: