1. Voted 🙌🏽
  2. Took my children to the playground
  3. Took my children to Barnes and Noble and read them tons of books
    They had gift cards to spend.
  4. Cooked and ate a good, healthy lunch
  5. Deep cleaned the bathroom
  6. Waved goodbye to my children as my lovely husband took them for a bike ride
  7. Ate ice cream while watching HGTV
    Literally the first thing I did when they walked out the door.
  8. Put away laundry
  9. Did some online shopping
    Stuff I needed, so I was checking things off my to-do list. Double high five!
  10. Chatted with my grandma on the phone
  11. Cooked and ate a good, healthy dinner
  12. Went to yoga
  13. ...
  14. In other words, I managed to roll all my coping mechanisms into a single day.
  15. I'm still an anxiety ball.