1. Woke up to the happy voice of our 5 year old proclaiming it was Valentine's Day.
    She loves any and all special days.
  2. Exchanged valentines while all snuggled together in the big bed.
    The kids painted pictures for each other with messages on the back. My favorite was my 2 year old's to my husband: "Thank you. You're welcome. I'm scared of thunder and lightning."
  3. Got a couple of Valentine messages via text.
    From my sister. (Ends with "woman," which got cut off with the square format.)
  4. From one of my best friends
  5. And from my husband 😉
  6. Made ❤️ pancakes for breakfast.
  7. Watched lots of Premier League soccer, most importantly Spurs' 2-1 victory over Man City.
  8. Made Valentine crafts.
    2 year old's project. He glued/placed things where I pointed and also drew the whiskers. It was supposed to be a cat.
  9. 5 year old's project
    She copied from a Pinterest example. Added her own touch with the speech bubble. It says "I love you."
  10. Lunch/naps
    Including a nap for Mama! Huzzah!
  11. Shaving cream tub time
    Fill the tub with water, let the kids wear bathing suits so it seems extra special, coat the wall in shaving cream. We added matchbox cars and paintbrushes today for a car wash, but they generally end up painting themselves.
  12. Semi-homemade pizza for dinner, and pink Rice Krispie treats for dessert.
    Thanks to @eatthelove's list about easy last-minute desserts: ❤️ 😘 25+ Last Minute Easy Valentine's Day Desserts 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 😍 Not as pretty as the original, but delicious!
  13. Ended the night with phone calls and video chats with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and great-grandparents.💖
  14. And in between all of that, I got to read the loving lists of this beautiful community today.
  15. AND I spent the whole day in my pajamas.
  16. I think it was the best Valentine's Day I've ever had.