Ooh, I love this prompt. I remember lots of my dreams; I used to write them down. I'm sure I'll stumble across that old journal one of these days, which will be silly and fun.
  1. Swimming in an indoor pool, very brightly lit, with sterile white tile walls stretching up to the high ceiling. Everyone I was with got out of the pool and I guess they thought I was following behind? In reality, I was caught in the grate at the bottom of the deep end. I remember watching them walk away and the room growing quiet.
    It was almost like I had two points of view in this one. The "underwater me," who was calm but knew the situation was hopeless, and the "outside observer me" who was standing by the pool watching everyone walk away. I probably dreamed this when I was 7 or 8. Still one of the worst dreams of my life.
  2. Rowing in a small boat across a quiet lake (maybe at night? We had limited visibility beyond the boat but could see each other well) with the members of the band Guster as they explained the lyrics of "Barrel of a Gun" to me. Not any hidden meaning, mind you, but the correct way to count down from 4.
    Apparently I had confessed to them that I had been singing it wrong. It you don't know the song, the lyrics literally go "4, 3, 2, 1..." They were nicer than they should have been about the whole thing. Also, they had their instruments - guitars and bongo drums - with them, and were poised to play them.
  3. Recurring dreams about going away with my high school friends. We used to go down the shore for a weekend here and there on our summer breaks from college.
    The dreams are very nostalgic, and usually very realistic - all of us crashing on couches and sharing beds, staying up late and laughing - except we're our current age at whatever time I dream it. I usually wake up feeling wistful, and the dream sticks with me all day.
  4. A dream I had while pregnant with my daughter: I was sitting in a row of plastic chairs in a hospital corridor with other very new moms, all cradling our little ones in swaddling blankets.
    I looked down and she looked back up at me with big blue eyes and very dark hair. I somehow knew she was a girl, even though in real life we hadn't found out the sex of the baby. The dream switched to me bringing her to work to show her off to everyone and no one being interested, which was an odd twist. (She did end up being a girl with blue eyes, but fair hair.)