Inspired by @amieshmamie and everyone
  1. Static
    We have to stop whatever we're doing when he hears the garbage truck. The guys who work on the truck are so good - they wave to him in the window and it just makes his day.
  2. Static
    London!! We went to London!! (I keep meaning to do a whole list about this, so I'm just putting this one pic for now.)
  3. Static
    Ok, two pictures because look! There's me being a tourist in London! (I'd never been before. It was very exciting.)
  4. Static
    Easter with these two loves. Hats courtesy of the Target dollar section thankyouverymuch.
  5. Static
  6. Static
    We found this baby squirrel in the yard. He was young and injured and separated from his family (who live in our neighbors' attic/eaves). We found him the night before Easter - no rescue places were open. He didn't make it, but we loved him while he was here.
  7. Static
    Eating dinner on the front steps in the sunshine.
  8. Static
    View from the kids' room. I love evenings in the spring and summer.
  9. Static
    A gray day at the pond.
  10. Static
    Backyard. Grass won't grow in the back half of the yard so I'm trying to do something different with it. This is step 1. Step 2 is to clean the fence.
  11. Static
    More pretty light through my bedroom window.
  12. Static
    Things are green!!! 🙏🏼
  13. Static
    My little guy made fingerprint bugs at nature class. I love their smiles.
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