1. I love the concept of music - that people have figured out how to manipulate sounds in such a powerful way.
  2. I love that it can evoke such strong emotions: joy, sadness, fear, love.
  3. I love that all cultures have some sort of music (at least, I think so), and we can appreciate it and feel connected through it.
  4. I love that it can make my heart swell, or give me goosebumps, or make me cry.
  5. I love the joy it brings my children.
  6. I love the memories I have of being in Ireland and hearing my grandfather sing, and singing along with the whole pub full of family and friends.
  7. I love that it gave me a place and a sense of belonging when I was a shy, awkward kid in school.
  8. I love how musicians capture feelings I have and put them into words. And the accompanying realization that so many experiences, thoughts, and feelings are universal.
  9. I love when you are hearing music live and the beat seems to replace your own heart's natural rhythm, or when you and thousands of other people are singing along at the top of your lungs and you can feel the vibration of it all right down in your core.