Inspired by @amieshmamie and everyone else, too
  1. Finishing last minute prep for my daughter's birthday party this afternoon
    It's her first party "at a place," as she says. We've typically just invited friends to join us for a picnic in the park. This year we're going to an outdoor education center where a naturalist will lead the kids in a scavenger hunt and do a live animal presentation. Plus crafts, snack, and cake. She's so so excited.
  2. Washing and cutting fruit
    Grapes and apple slices
  3. Triple-checking my list of what to bring
    I woke up in the night because I didn't want to forgot the candles/matches
  4. Charging my camera battery
  5. Crossing my fingers that my laundry will be dry in time
    My jeans are in there. I forgot to run it last night. It would be awkward to host without pants on.
  6. Tidying as I go because my family will be coming back to the house afterward
  7. Reheating the tea I made and forgot to drink
    What else is new? <—- I know that saying is "correct" in this context, but man, it looks weird when you type it out instead of saying it.
  8. Taking a break to list this all out 😄
  9. Back to work!