Inspired by @alexim and @kellydehoop
  1. DAD:
  2. Formula 1 racing
  3. Home improvement and repair tips
    Alternate title: You are just as smart as anyone else, so you can figure these things out.
  4. Strange but true stories from a part-time wedding officiant
  5. Motorcycle tours of the northeast
  6. How to make small talk and charm even the grumpiest people
  7. Basic car maintenance that everyone should be doing
  8. Great beer (no IPAs allowed)
  9. MOM:
  10. How to embrace fashion and cultivate your own style
  11. How to spoil your grandchildren and annoy their parents
    This might be a single-item list: Just ignore everyone and do what you want.
  12. Why my day job sucks (and the reasons I stay)
  13. A guide to trees and flowers of NJ
  14. Fun facts about (insert science topic here)
  15. Book lists. So many book lists.