What I've been up to

  1. Thanksgiving
    We do two in one day - lunch with my husband's family and dinner with mine. This was the first year I can remember that we went to my parents' instead of my aunt's house. I missed the chaos of my extended family but it was still nice. So much good food.
  2. I made my first ever pie crust from scratch!
    Smitten Kitchen's apple slab pie, veganized by using Earth Balance butter and a soy milk/brown sugar glaze. I was pretty impressed with myself.
  3. Date night with my husband, starting with vegan food in Manhattan,
    Nachos and key lime pie. Yum.
  4. and Guster's 25th anniversary show at the Beacon!
    It was sooo good. One of the best shows of theirs I've ever seen. So much energy from the band and the crowd. I danced and sang until my throat was sore.
  5. Started exercising again.
    See above re: lots of food consumption in a very short period of time. A long overdue change, and even though it's only been a few days, I feel better already. Pictured is a friend I met on an early-morning run.
  6. Mailed my secret Santa gift! 🎁
    So excited. I can't wait for my recipient to get his/her gift. (Also, I'm curious to know what incident prompted the second sign.)
  7. Lots of family time with these two goofballs.
    A long weekend followed by a couple days of rain means all sorts of fun - jumping in leaf piles and in puddles, rediscovering our Christmas/holiday book collection, etc etc. The four of us aren't perfect but we did ok this week. 💜