I am almost always with my kids, so this describes my "mom about town" bag. I rotate between a couple of large and sturdy totes. I like being able to cram stuff in there but still see everything.
  1. Epi-pens and Benadryl
    For 2 year old with food allergies. Grateful for every day that I don't have to use these meds.
  2. Diaper clutch
    One or two diapers and some wipes. I downsized considerably with kid #2. Also, he's 2 now so we just don't need as much stuff as when he was a baby. Nice but also a little 😢.
  3. Pocket pack of tissues
    Kleenex brand only, thank you.
  4. Phone
    Until February 2015, I was a flip-phone user. I just couldn't see why I would need Internet access or email when I was out of the house. Now I get it. Still hate paying the higher phone bill though.
  5. "Personal items" bag
    A bag within a bag; about the size of a small clutch. Easy to transfer all of my stuff from one bag to another without searching through lots of pockets. Contains wallet, hand sanitizer, Rose Bud Salve lip balm, spare change, feminine products, hair ties, safety pins, random pair of earrings, receipts, pen/pencil.
  6. First-aid kit*
    *Not always, but often. Kids fall down or get bumped enough that it's worth carrying most of the time. Even if it's not my kids that need it, someone will. Basic assortment of Band-aids, Neosporin ointment, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes.
  7. Bullet journal*
    *Again, not always. Useful for doodling while bored, taking notes at appointments, or checking my calendar (I have a strong preference for a paper calendar). Used to use it for making lists until I joined this app about a week ago. 😄
  8. Reusable kid water bottles and snacks*
    *Not all the time because I think they can handle being a little hungry or thirsty once in a while. Definitely for walks to the park or running errands, because nothing will ruin those like hungry, cranky children.