1. Every Monday I would have a meeting with Jana, the bio feedback specialist
  2. Every Tuesday I will go to brain injury education and either take notes or listen intently
  3. Every Wednesday I will have another meeting with Jana and relaxation group
  4. Every Friday I will have a meeting with a councilor. At the moment, my councilor is Paige but will change when part time begins
  5. Coordinate with insurance only for a week
  6. I do not have any intention of being discharged fully in a month, however, after insurance is taken care of I would like to go part time in three weeks
  7. Whenever I go part time I will go to pate three times a week, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  8. Every day I will work on my book beginning with 30 minutes and increasing to an hour a day
  9. I will start meditation every day starting with 15 minutes and increasing to an hour a day
  10. Start and finish the job of sorts of making a website for my uncle
  11. Get payed by having him draw the 6 species mentioned in book one and potentially one or multiple of their deities
  12. Continue schoolwork for an hour a day
  13. Exercise two times a week outside of therapy in part time
  14. Finish English within a week which finishes the grades schoolwork
  15. Finish pre calculus and computer science within two weeks
  16. Give a helpful presentation to ladonna about expressive aphasia
  17. Finish getting back on track in Chinese in two weeks
  18. Give a presentation about uploading your consciousness to the occupational therapists as concise as thirty minutes
  19. In three weeks start Chinese 2
  20. In four weeks do a practice sat exam