A compilation of the best lists I've read over the past 24 hours. Did I miss one of your faves? Add it!
  1. Delicate Ways of Avoiding the Word "Died" in the Obits. By @smeeker
    We've all read them. And we've all used them. But we probably shouldn't....
  2. 4 Easy Ways to Keep Thanksgiving Fires at Bay. By @AmericanRedCross
    Because setting your house on fire probably isn't an option for your Thanksgiving celebration. Also, who knew the Red Cross possessed a sense of humor?
  3. Six Shows to Watch for Thanksgiving. By @CNN
    Complete with dates, times, and networks. The ultimate guide.
  4. Holiday Meal Survival Tips. By @rachaelray
    Who knew being practical could also be so funny?
  5. What to Drink on Thanksgiving. By @nytimes
    It's all about the wine, people. It's all about the wine.
  6. Liven Up Thanksgiving Dinner With These Facts. By @mentalfloss
    Because who doesn't want to appear smart in front of her relatives? And, also, not all of us can break out into an Adele song when the conversation gets uncomfortable.
  7. Lil Gems From my Spam Folder. By @tothemaxxx
    Probably my favorite read from the past 24 hours. Does anyone really respond to those emails? You know, to "have big bang "? Wait. Don't answer that.