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  1. A cool hat.
  2. Plane tickets and sweet hotel accommodations in Hawaii, where I've never been even though I've lived in LA over 20 years because I'm a NYer and in my stubborn mind, NYers don't go to Hawaii.
  3. Tesla stock. For when electric, self-driving boats kick in.
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Spent the first half of my life there. No plans to move back but plenty of reasons why I should.
  1. WO HOP at 4am.
    You don't have to be high as a kite to enjoy their signature Chicken in Black Bean Sauce but it doesn't hurt. Always eat downstairs. Upstairs is for tourists and people who haven't been drinking.
  2. CARNEGIE DELI at 2am.
    The sandwiches are obscenely big so u ask if u can order a half (u can't) just to piss them off. Then u pretend you'll eat half now and half later but u wolf the whole thing down with joy and regret it instantly.
    The great equalizer. CEO's, worker bees and crazy people. All in different places in their lives but u still have to catch the B, D or F to get to W 4th so chill out and enjoy the crowded ride. The N/R stop at 49th is my fave. So fancy.
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