Spent the first half of my life there. No plans to move back but plenty of reasons why I should.
  1. WO HOP at 4am.
    You don't have to be high as a kite to enjoy their signature Chicken in Black Bean Sauce but it doesn't hurt. Always eat downstairs. Upstairs is for tourists and people who haven't been drinking.
  2. CARNEGIE DELI at 2am.
    The sandwiches are obscenely big so u ask if u can order a half (u can't) just to piss them off. Then u pretend you'll eat half now and half later but u wolf the whole thing down with joy and regret it instantly.
    The great equalizer. CEO's, worker bees and crazy people. All in different places in their lives but u still have to catch the B, D or F to get to W 4th so chill out and enjoy the crowded ride. The N/R stop at 49th is my fave. So fancy.
    A green oasis. Always stuff going on, always a joyful escape, always get lost trying to get the hell out of it. Softball on the great lawn, Shakespeare in the Park (I think I went once), a stroll around the reservoir. It's its own country. And you're lucky if you hear English, which is cool. Washington Sq Park rocks at night and in the day, Carl Schurz Park reminds u Manhattan is an island. A crowded fucking island.
  5. PIZZA
    John's. Joe's. Gino's. There's nothing like a NY slice with the perfect cheese to crust ratio. If you don't burn the roof of your mouth on the first bite, your slice isn't hot enough. The worst NY pizza is damn good, a good place is fantastic, and a great spot like Joe's on Bleeker is heaven folded. U gotta eat it folded. I can do an entire list on bagels. But won't.
    Everybody's in a rush, everybody's annoyed, nobody wants to be bothered. Especially if it's freezing or boiling out. But if you're wearing the right hat -- Mets, Yanks, Knicks, etc. -- even a perspective murderer becomes your best friend. And if u need directions or the best nearby Chinese joint, they'll drop their business and walk u there so u shouldn't get lost.
    They're on every corner. They never close. You want fresh(ish) chicken wings, an oatmeal cookie, ginseng capsules, a box of Calgonite, diet Peach Snapple and a mop at 1am, just head to the corner. If they're out of Calgonite, Duane Reed has it across the street. Across every street.
    You've suffered through frigid months of bone chilling wind and unyielding snow which comes down white and fluffy but piles up gray and yucky. But then the sun comes out, the layers come off and the smiles come on. Spring will tease u, she will, with a day here and there in the low 60's before she retreats back to cruel winter. But when she comes to stay, u love her like you've never loved before. Until she steps aside for her nasty, sticky, humid as hell sister Summer.
    Madison Square Garden. The place rocks when the Knicks or Rangers are winning; their games a 3-hour working vacation to sports Mecca because u never stop screaming. In 1970, Willis Reed, the Captain, hobbled onto the court to a growing and thunderous ovation that Knick fans can feel in their hearts over 45 years later. One day I will forgive my father for taking my mother to that game instead of me. Today is not that day.
  11. Chinese spare ribs delivered to my apartment.
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  12. Enjoying a drink at the rooftop bar on top of The Met after seeing a sweet exhibit in the summer.
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