1. It'll go straight to your thighs.... And then you'll blow up!
  2. What I learned in boating school is...!
  3. Health inspector!
  4. Holographic meatloaf... My favorite!!
  5. Doodle bob!!!
  6. Good thing I drew my anti-sea bear circle!
  7. The "Hash Slining Slasher!"
  8. Name, name we through out his name!!!!
  9. Arth thow feeling it now mister krabs?
  10. No that's Italian sponge bob
  11. The whole ship is underwater captain!!
  12. We have to go through.... The perfume department!
  13. I was born with glass bones and paper skin...
  14. They've been under his tongue the whole time! There's the pickles from last time too! And theirs my car keys!
  15. I'm hooked!!
  16. You can keep that for $5... I'll take 20. Fancy living here we come.
  17. Patrick star, you are one smart shopper!
  18. He was number 1
  19. My laboratory!!!