1. It'll go straight to your thighs.... And then you'll blow up!
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  2. What I learned in boating school is...!
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  3. Health inspector!
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  4. Holographic meatloaf... My favorite!!
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  5. Doodle bob!!!
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  6. Good thing I drew my anti-sea bear circle!
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  7. The "Hash Slining Slasher!"
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  8. Name, name we through out his name!!!!
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  9. Arth thow feeling it now mister krabs?
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  10. No that's Italian sponge bob
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  11. The whole ship is underwater captain!!
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  12. We have to go through.... The perfume department!
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  13. I was born with glass bones and paper skin...
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  14. They've been under his tongue the whole time! There's the pickles from last time too! And theirs my car keys!
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  15. I'm hooked!!
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  16. You can keep that for $5... I'll take 20. Fancy living here we come.
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  17. Patrick star, you are one smart shopper!
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  18. He was number 1
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  19. My laboratory!!!
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