I can still remember the way my heart would beat on Thursday nights in 1990.
  1. Beverly Hills 90210
    This is the Mecca, the mother lode, the alpha and the omega. When all we had was the campy world of Saved By the Bell, enter this look into the lives of kids in Beverly Hills (which might as well have been Mars to me). I shaped my desires around Dylan McKay and learned how to be a better friend by not doing what Brenda and Kelly did to one another. Many have come and gone but have done so through the wake of 90210
  2. Dawson's Creek
    Keeping with the theme of bad boys with a heart of gold, enter Pacey Whitter. This show was the first to tell you at the end which artists and CD's you could find the sad bastard music from the episode. We were a couple years shy of Napster and as a result, I have quite the collection of terrible cd's so this era is frozen in time. With iconic moments such as Dawson sobbing on the dock and Joey and Pacey sailing off into the sunset, this show is unforgettable.
  3. One Tree Hill
    I came late to the party on this one but I'll be damned if I don't end up rewatching it over and over. Yes, even the last 3 seasons. I know; they are cringeworthy. This one has it all. Absentee parents, sex, lies and videotape. It has the best of the best when it comes to the most ridiculous plot lines you have ever heard of but I would keep coming back no matter how many Nanny Carries they threw at me.
  4. My So Called Life
    I was Angela Chase. And there was no one who could hold a candle to Jordan Catalano. We all had a partner in crime like Rianne and a friend like Ricky and dorky parents who didn't understand us. The Juliana Hatfield Christmas episode gives me chills to this day. This show was too good for its time and only lasted for one season.
  5. The OC
    This show's 1st and 4th season are worth having to sit through the 2nd and 3rd. Some of the most beautifully shot scenes in the history of the genre. There are unforgettable moments set upon the backdrop of beautiful people in a beautiful town. The finale is one of my top three favorites.
  6. Friday Night Lights
    The most beautiful cast consistently every season. Storylines are heartfelt and captivating. They were able to transition casts through the years without lessening the show. From the first to the last season, it is outstanding. #TexasForever
  7. Pretty Little Liars
    This show is bomb as fuck and I dare you to say otherwise. Cast of characters are the perfect mix of personalities and the plot is fun. I want to read the books but all the damn kids keep checking it out at the library. You can't believe the places this show takes you. #SpobyForever
  8. Saved By the Bell
    Where would we be in our society without the SBtB influence? Zack Morris was a dreamboat and all I wanted was a Lycra wardrobe like Kelly had. They made me (almost) say nope to dope, I learned some new dance moves ("Come on everybody! Let's do The Sprain!") and I have never stopped chanting, "Stop the drilling, stop the oil; Stop the yelling, give me a kiss!"
  9. Party of Five
    This almost didn't make the list because the shit was depressing as hell. But we got Neve Campbell and Scott Wolf and Matthew Fox and J-Love (we miss you, girl). But for real, that shit was depressing.
  10. Gossip Girl
    This one wasn't my fave but I respected how they brought modern technology into the mix. All the right elements here; rich kids; some who didn't have parents around for days, a mysterious element, affairs of the heart and mind. The finale was terrible so it loses some points there.