Through the years there have been some common denominators. From Jessie getting so excited from caffeine pills to Kelly Taylor tooting cocaine. These are the ties that to the television.
  1. A prom or other school dance
    Where would we be without the winter dance where Brenda lost her virginity? Or Zack and Kelly's prom? And who didn't love the Honeygrove OTH promisode?
  2. A student/teacher relationship
    God bless Pacey Whitter. Before him, Brandon Walsh just hooked up with his college professor's wife. After Pacey and Tamara, this opened the floodgates to more debauchery. Serena and Ben, anyone?
  3. Mentally unbalanced character
    Emily Valentine. She is the quintessential nutcase. Had it not been for her off screen romance with Priestley, she would have remained the psycho who set the homecoming float aflame. And let's not forget: Oliver Trask, Psycho Derek and Andi McPhee.
  4. One or more characters with absentee parents
    Hey, where else are you going to have all those raging parties?
  5. At least one character with a drug issue
    I will never forget the first time Kelly smoked pot with Johnny Dakota. It was a rush I'll never get again. There's something to be said about watching someone hit rock bottom and seeing the gang rally behind them. Dylan McKay chasing the dragon, anyone?
  6. A high stakes poker game
    Not sure how but novice card players looking for a fun Friday night get caught up with guys that wear those little visors.
  7. Thanksgiving Episode
    Hyjinxs always ensue around the dinner table. From Steve Young showing up to uplift a fallen QB or unlikely families coming together to break bread, there's always a memory to cherish.
  8. A drama filled wedding
    Whether someone's parent is tying the knot or it's a 20 year old's second time down the aisle, you can guarantee someone will have a plan to make it memorable. Has anyone seen Nanny Carrie?
  9. Graduation
    There's always something that burns itself into your brain during the graduation episode. Marissa Cooper going out in a ball of fire and regret, the gang of 90210 and their unforgettable camp-out. Their big day made my big day an utter disappointment.
  10. Loss of Virginity
    Not everyone in high school has gone all the way. At least not until the promisode. Some get a better deal than others but it's a special day for all of us.
  11. Followed up appropriately by a pregnancy or pregnancy scare
    Through these plot lines we have explored birth control (or lack there of), abortion and children born on graduation day. And lots of REM.
  12. An Unexpected Love Affiar
    Cupid's bow certainly caught these pairs off guard...and us as well! Pacey and Joey, Blair and Chuck, Taylor and Ryan are just a few of the couples we didn't know we loved so much.