Requested by @jkastner
  1. There is no person more sympathetic to hearing "I'm in tech."
  2. You get to go see SO many shows together!
    See also, "reasons dating someone also in the theatre is the worst"
  3. If you both are rehearsing shows at the same time, no one is sitting around missing the other at home.
  4. You have a caring and insightful person to talk through rehearsal problems with...
  5. ...while also having someone who knows sometimes that's the last thing you want to do.
  6. If your person isn't the same discipline as you (writer, director, dancer, actor) you can get their perspective on lots of ideas which always feels like getting the secret cheat codes for the other side!
  7. When you work on projects together there is not a more, umm, direct collaborative relationship.
  8. You get to see your person while they're working on their passion and that is a really wonderful part of a person to get to witness.
  9. You have someone to always try to impress a little more and work a little more harder than.
  10. Sometimes the person you love is also the person who can open up your mind and create something you never could have imagined.