It happened spontaneously, but we will stick to this for the ages: instead of asking "what are you grateful for", we asked the kids to share a memory of a time when they felt grateful. Much better stories and diverse answers, so a new tradition is born! Maybe next year we'll limit it to a memory from the past year...
  1. Nolan, age 7: "on the way to the bowling alley, to see my grandad."
  2. Sean, age 10: "when the doorbell rang and I knew it was my cousins!"
  3. Aidan, age 13: "when my parents finally relented their prejudice against video games and let us get a Wii...and when Sean was born."
  4. DOK: "when we drove to Texas to drop off all our baby items to my sister, and I started throwing up on the way home and had the biggest surprise of my life---that I was expecting Nolan."
  5. BEK: "Sitting on the beach in Mexico watching my kids play in the ocean, with my wife sitting next to me."