Obviously not a comprehensive list, but the ones I hope he remembers watching with his family...
  1. "Jaws"
  2. "Untouchables"
  3. "The Bicycle Thief"
  4. "Iron Giant"
  5. "West Side Story"
  6. "The Blues Brothers"
  7. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"
  8. "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"
  9. "Nacho Libre"
  10. "Dial M for Murder"
    He's already forgotten watching this one:/
  11. The Fugitive
    Too often we let all three boys watch these, when really Aidan is the one old enough. Still holds up overall, thanks to the leads.
  12. Breaking Away
    It didn't hold up quite as much as I had hoped, but he loved it.
  13. Inception
    This is one of his favorites, and I also enjoyed it more on the small screen than I did in the theater.
  14. The Sixth Sense
    June 2016; Sean was too young, so I feel bad I let him join us. But that moment when Aidan's mind was blown was awesome.
  15. Stand By Me
    Terrible language and a bit of boy-talk about boobs, but Sean and Aidan watched it tonight with me and both loved it. They laughed at the pie contest, and the insults, and worried over the train and the bully teens, loved the songs and the celebration of that rare gift (at least in the USA) of male friendship.
  16. Dead Poet Society
    This movie's final act always pissed me off, but I bawled when we watched it with our older boys. And as boys who love to write, and the name Mr. Keating, etc., they liked it a lot. Even sadder now knowing Robin Williams' end.
  17. O Brother Where Art Thou
    I think I may have built their expectations up too high. They liked it but didn't LOVE IT