Inspired by @Goldie
  1. Opening jars
    If Brian hadn't been here to open the hoisin sauce last night...*shudder*
  2. Sticking to my new routine/schedule
    Oh how I love to create a schedule to get all the important things done, and then blow it off by making a random list on this precious Saturday morning.
  3. Getting to the post office
    I used to mail things like a boss. Now, it seems like an insurmountable challenge. I want a drive-through post office window.
  4. Cables and cords.
    Yes, I can build your website, but no, I can't plug in my own computer. These two could also go under "Things that terrify me."
  5. Letting go.
    Life seems to offer infinite opportunities to build this skill, though, and my once-steal-trap memory gets weaker each year. By the time I have to let go of being me and this life, I'll do it like a pro.