The inspiration for this came from the song "Flatlining" by the Glasgow band The Amazing Snakeheads. I recommend you check them out. I got about 1/3rd through writing the story and for some reason got bored and stopped. I'd like to finish it one day. Here we go.
  1. The narrator wakes up in an unfamiliar room, hungover, unsure how he got there.
  2. The room is a picture of filth and squalor, empty alcohol bottles and drugs paraphernalia are strewn throughout.
  3. On the couch lies a young woman. She is sporting a number of bruises and appears to be dead, clutching a small blood-encrusted axe in her hand.
  4. The narrator stumbles to window. "Mark" he says to himself. "What the Hell happened? How did I get here?"
  5. Looking out, Mark can see that he is in a high rise tower block looking northwards over Glasgow.
  6. In the distance, a car speeds furiously towards the tower block. Instinctively he knows that the occupants are headed for him...
  7. Frantically he begins to exit the flat, heart thumping, head throbbing, stomach wrenching as he takes one last look at the motionless girl slumped on the sofa.
  8. He makes it to the elevator. As it slowly makes its way up to his lofty destination, Mark hears pounding footprints running up the emergency stairwell.
  9. The elevator arrives with a gentle ping. Mark enters, hurriedly pressing the Ground Floor button to speed up its departure.
  10. Two men appear. They are shaven headed and dangerous looking. One of them is clutching a blood-encrusted axe. They begin to kick down the front door to the apartment.
  11. At the very last second before the elevator doors close, one of the men spins round and makes eye contact with Mark.
  12. "There he is!" screams the man, just as the doors firmly shut and the elevator starts its gentle descent.