Our son or daughter arrives any day now...gift ideas for the love of your love after giving birth?
  1. Spa vouchers
    Massage, nails etc. Not the most imaginative but the pampering will probably be appreciated and is definitely well deserved.
  2. Flowers
    There will be flowers. I'd better buy a few vases too.
  3. Just cook all the meals, do all the dishes and laundry, and bring the baby to her in bed as often as possible. No gift could top those things.
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
  4. A grocery bag full of pre-prepared or easy to make food.
    Olives, sandwich fixings, lemonade, salads in a bag, cut up fruit, cut up veggies with dip. Things you can eat with one hand. Chocolate pretzels. Good beer and oatmeal cookies to help with milk supply. Bendy straws because a new mom should be served a glass of water every time she sits down to nurse.
    Suggested by @natashac
  5. Is there a new mothers store nearby? A place with nursing bras, fancy pacifiers, sleep books, etc? A gift certificate there.
    Suggested by @natashac
  6. I loved getting a couple hours away and a sweet note from him in those first few weeks.
    Unsolicited advice too: always have a glass of water ready for her. There is no thirst like breastfeeding thirst. I wept every time my husband brought me a huge glass of water without asking.
    Suggested by @ameliaville
  7. @amelia is so right about the water. Really just anticipating her needs like that, make sure she gets to eat and drink and gets a few minutes to herself to shower every day. As for a gift, I would suggest anything that makes her feel comfortable or pampered like spa or salon gift certificates and super comfy robe or pj set.
    Suggested by @torrami