I'm going for a pizza with my wife this lunch time. Consequently I have spent all morning thinking about pizza. Here are some delicious pizzas I've enjoyed and where I've enjoyed them. Italy features heavily on this list - OBVIOUSLY - I'm hopeful that today's pizza can make the list...
  1. Margherita
    Napoli/Naples. Simple. Buffalo mozzarella. Fresh plum tomatoes. Fresh basil. A few slivers of garlic. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  2. Capriciossa
    Rome. I was staying in a hostel just round the corner from Termini, the central train station. I found a tiny place with plastic tables and seats and, crucially, a wood-burning stove. The base was paper thin. The toppings of egg, capers and anchovies were a bit unusual, but they worked. The smell of the pizzeria was incredible. I washed everything down with a couple of ice cold Peroni and the whole thing cost less than ten euro.
  3. Pizza Piccante
    This one was spicy salami and spiced, minced Italian sausage. This was one was a take away from Little Italy, Byres Rd. We ate it at my brother and sister in law's house after my wife and I got engaged. This one is more to do with the happy memory than quality of pizza.
  4. School pizza
    Specifically the one they served at my High School dinner hall. I have vivid memories of eating this - the thick, gloopy base, almost burnt tomato sauce, dry congealed cheese - it was everything a pizza shouldn't be, but for some reason, it was great.