Things I need to do tomorrow
  1. Gym - AM
    I will be doing half hour of cardio, specific shoulder lifts and then an extended stretch in the sauna, followed by an ice cold shower.
  2. Pick up spices
    I'm making a curry for dinner which requires fresh spices. I'll be going to KRK on Woodlands Road, which is a halal butchers and specialist importer of Indo-Pak foodstuffs. Garam Masala, dried fenugreek leaves, cumin, chilli powder. I'll see what else tickles my fancy.
  3. Attach 'Next to Me' baby cot to bed in preparation for our impending arrival.
    Seemingly it's not just enough to push it up really close to the bed. Fair enough. I don't want my baby slipping between the crack
  4. Iron/press shirts and trousers for work
    I like to be organised and prepare a week's worth of work clothes in advance
  5. Attend a 1 year old's birthday party
    My wife and I have the pleasure of going to our wonderful niece and god daughter's 1st party. Time flies! It will be fun.