My Favorite Live Shows to Date, and 1 I Can't Wait to See

No specific order
  1. Incubus at Red Rocks
    Kara took me here as a surprise for my 30th BDay. This is #1 but the rest are random. Also ended up being the second best weekend of my life to date.
  2. Pearl Jam at Deluna Fest
    They always put on a hell of a show but this was about setting. On the beach, 50 yards from the ocean, with 4 guys I have known since Jr HS
  3. 21 Pilots at White River
    Only 2 guys in the band but they control the crowd and bring tons of energy. Impressive for a couple young 20 somethings.
  4. Foo Fighters Broken Leg Tour
    Dave Grohl is making his argument for one of the best rock stars of my generation with Eddie Vedder. I mean he was also in Nirvana!
  5. Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field 2016
    This is the one I am seeing later this year but come on does anyone think this won't be a memorable show.
  6. Flickerstick at Double Door
    This guys put on arguably the best live shows in their prime but never got big. And Brandin Lea is one of my favorite front men of all time. A few times we would have 10-12 people travel to see them.