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Braces vs Invisalign you sickos. By the way, I am 23 years old and I have finally decided to invest in fixing my teeth!
  1. So I haven't yet written about my future orthodontic work and my options
  2. To give you an update...
  3. I really was into Invisalign
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So I work in reception, so I see quite a few people come and go and today, something occurred that made me feel kind of... I guess awful
  1. So the story starts off from yesterday. Someone came in for a job interview, and during the questioning part, the HR manager let this man know that there will be a background check done
  2. Within a few minutes, he says he needs to check his phone for something. It appeared that he was actually looking at a blank screen and suddenly said that he actually just got another job but thank you for the opportunity and left
  3. But before he left, he asked for his résumé back. Which was odd. Why? Plus you already filled out a job application so.... Anyways, the manager gave it back
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My friend recommended this show that has currently been added to Netflix and...
  1. Anxiety is already creeping up on me
  2. The wife suspects her husband is cheating on her by finding a different colored hair on his scarf
  3. So at first, I was thinking well that's not a big enough lead to come to that conclusion. Although, I'm so nuts I probably would too
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Before today, I could have listed quite a few books that pulled strings on my heart. But this book, pretty much went and replaced my heart.
  1. This is for anyone who needs healing and to learn to love themselves. This book expresses courage and raw feelings that some cannot find the words to say.
Hey! So the day I'll describe is my dreading work day, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. I do reception at a brokerage firm for credit card processing. I must say, the pay and benefits are pretty awesome for what I do during the day. You'll see:
  1. I wake up way too late everyday so I rush to make sure I don't miss the bus. (Sometimes the bus driver even waits for me because he knows I take it everyday at the same time.)
  2. I quickly check some social media and I am usually not impressed. (Obviously not including The List App).
  3. After I take the bus for five minutes, I take the train to get downtown. Then, I'll usually read a book and on Friday, I actually just finished it. It was amazing.
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  1. I literally had no idea someone requested a list from me!!
  2. I feel like I have just won an award!!!
  3. Okay, enough with the exclamation marks, since I only found this out now, I am so so sorry, I will tell you!
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So right now my heart is racing because even though I installed The List App on my phone months ago, (thank you @bjnovak), and I have been liking tons of lists, I was too scared to write my own. HERE IS WHY:
  1. Everyone on The List App is totally creative and I am definitely not.
  2. Everyone is so caring, kind and incredibly supportive and what if everyone hates my stuff?
  3. What if I mess up my grammar or spell something wrong? Everyone on this thing are pretty much English lits or something. (Probably have already messed up...).
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