1. I literally had no idea someone requested a list from me!!
  2. I feel like I have just won an award!!!
  3. Okay, enough with the exclamation marks, since I only found this out now, I am so so sorry, I will tell you!
  4. Get ready, it's a pretty good explanation.
  5. I was with one of my closest friends getting ice cream at this new popular ice cream shop called La Dipperie in Montreal.
  6. Is anyone else from Montreal on The List App because it seems like most people are from the States!
  7. Back to what I was saying...
  8. I wanted to take a photo of us but then I got ice cream on my face and it turned out that when I covered my face with the ice cream, the photo actually wasn't so bad.
  9. I cropped my friend out and, voilà!
  10. So, not that great of a story but it did get my list moving...
  11. Thank you @pili_ervin for requesting this! You made my night!