Braces vs Invisalign you sickos. By the way, I am 23 years old and I have finally decided to invest in fixing my teeth!
  1. So I haven't yet written about my future orthodontic work and my options
  2. To give you an update...
  3. I really was into Invisalign
  4. Loved the whole concept, and I don't care that I would have had to brush my teeth every time after eating or drinking (not water obviously)
  5. The Invisalign appealed to me
  6. Less time (not always the case, but generally), you can barely notice them, and I like that I would be able to normally brush my teeth, and finally, eat anything I want
  7. But I found the best orthodontic clinic in Montreal
  8. The place is so nice and organized and spotless
  9. Literally, every person who works there, greets you as if you work there and have just returned from vacation
    I'm really serious. They hired the friendliest people on the planet to work there
  10. And the orthodontist, well, I did my research and even after just meeting him, I felt so confident with him planning out what my teeth are going to eventually look like
  11. My parents never gave me or my siblings braces
  12. And even if they wanted to, 100% they couldn't afford to
  13. Don't get me wrong, I don't have the type of teeth that you're trying not to stare at while the other person talks
    I really feel bad for people with incredibly poor teeth and oral hygiene (some people just aren't born with those healthy traits). I can't imagine how hard it is to feel confident when I would talk to people.
  14. But now, I am at a period in my life where I can somewhat afford for my teeth to be aligned
  15. And if I don't do it now, I am doubtful that there will ever be a better time
  16. SO, end result, obviously I am a patient at this clinic now
  17. And my orthodontist suggested that braces would actually be better because it will pull back my front teeth
    Since I was a bad thumb-sucker
  18. A little disappointed that Invisalign didn't work out for me
    It could have technically, but the orthodontist said that he would chose braces for my case
  19. I am so nervous! They are being put on my teeth next Tuesday and I am stoked!
  20. Ahhhhhhh
  21. I really just wanted to share my excitement with all of my followers
    God bless each and every one of you for reading my not exactly 'newsworthy' list
  22. It's fucking expensive though. That is a list for another day - MONEY STRESS AND STRESS
    If anyone wants to contribute financially, I will graciously accept, no shame