Honestly this made me tear up by the end of writing it so I hope you find this insightful. I hope it makes you think about everything. I hope it helps you grow.
  1. Respect.
    From an early age I learned that every human being deserves a certain amount of respect no matter how old, young, rich, poor. You deserve it as much as the person next to you. Everyone born onto this earth is entitled to this respect but the fact is that this same respect is like a sprout in your garden of life. If you don't treat it right it will shrivel up and die, treated with care and knowledge of its importance it will become the mighty tree that you can climb through life.
  2. Truthfulness.
    If you go through life telling lie after lie then even your own views of yourself will become twisted and distorted causing you to lose faith in yourself and more importantly cause others to lose their faith in you. You will find that telling lies may be beneficial in "the moment" but in the long run its an acid that slowly eats away at you and in the moment when you need the people around you to believe in you the most you will find them lacking and not likely to put faith in you.
  3. Learning to forget.
    At some point you dwelled over something to the point of sheer insanity. You played something over and over in your mind trying to find a way to change it. Held a grudge against somebody that you just couldn't find yourself to let go. If held on tightly and dwelled upon then these grudges and thoughts act like a shackle dragging you forever down causing you to miss the important things in life. If you learn to forget these things then you will transcend those shackles and fly to greater heights.
  4. You can't trust everyone.
    If when you meet a person you completely trust them down to the bone then you might be better than I am but if you do that then you run the risk of being hurt by that person, scarred even. You must hold everyone with the same regard which you would hold a wild animal, not too close that it can hurt you in a second but then again not too far away that you can't see what they're doing. If you do this with people then the ones that are true will emerge and you will find yourself with true friends.
  5. No matter how hard you try bad things will happen.
    In life bad things happen. Loved ones die, you lose your job, lose something precious to you, lose something you took for granted. Contrary to what people say these things don't happen for a reason. They're part of life. Everyone experiences something bad in their life. How you deal with this is the true trial. Look at it as a learning experience, something that will make you stronger. It's okay to cry, to grieve, but not for forever. If you don't move past it then it's like your life stops.