1. "Hello, we're the Queen Haters"
    I've always thought the punk rock supergroup of John Candy, Martin Short, Eugene Levy, Joe Flaherty and Andrea Martin (as featured on SCTV) were amazing. Apparently, no one else did. That didn't stop me from introducing my band as that for an entire tour. Crickets.
  2. "Alright! Alright, Munich...this one is for you..."
    I honestly thought that the Bavarian audience would enjoy a rendition what I consider to be a folk anthem and the peak of late 80s Euro metal: Winds Of Change by the Scorpions. Met with outright hostility. Strangely, it was met with an unironic sing along in Belgrade.
  3. Any time I've mentioned PCP
    Not as popular or funny as I think it is
  4. "We...we..*garbled*...we just love beer"
    Drunken attempt to connect with the crowd and communicate our love of beer, sadly preserved forever on YouTube in high definition from several camera angles. The first big show I ever played in New York. The audience was perhaps more sophisticated than us.