I'm sure there are other must do's but here's what I was able to do in a weekend.
  1. The ducks at The Peabody Hotel
    At 5:00pm every day, they do an announcement and procession of the ducks down a red carpet, into an elevator, and up to the rooftop where they live in a "duck palace." There are hundreds of people gathered to watch the experience.
  2. The rooftop at The Peabody Hotel
  3. The Lorraine Motel
    This is where MLK was assassinated. It was a surreal experience and arguably one of the biggest tragedies in US history.
  4. Max's Sports Bar
  5. Beale Street
    Lots of bars and restaurants and it reminds me of Bourbon Street on a smaller scale.
  6. The Firehouse
    This is an old firemen's house revamped into a bar. They have cornhole, food trucks and t-shirt trucks outside.
  7. Main Street
    Bars and shops, trolley cars, horse and carriage
  8. Bluff City Coffee
    Good coffee and egg and cheese sandwich.
  9. Sache
    Clothing store with good local clothing for souvenirs.