1. Your lips feel warm to the touch You can bring me back to life On the outside you're ablaze and alive But you're dead inside
  2. Your mind is just a program And I'm the virus
  3. Have you ever sat up at night, And just let your barrier down? Brick by brick.
  4. Sometimes I wish I could admit things Even if it's all just a lie Sometimes I wish I could forget things But memories never die...
  5. Absent gods and silent tyranny We're going under hypnotised By another puppeteer
  6. Trapped inside this body Imprisoned here against my will No choice my own Every move decided by this angel who has taken possession of this body
  7. Home, it's becoming a killing field There's a crosshair locked on my heart With no recourse, and there's no one behind the wheel Hellfire you're wiping me out
  8. Dear Mother, I'm sorry for the bother I promise I'll be good I promise everything will be as it should
  9. I won't let you control my feelings anymore And I will no longer do as I am told And I am no longer afraid to walk alone Let me go Let me be I'm escaping from your grip You will never own me again
  10. I am depression You know me for destroying people's lives My mother is the drugs you take to ease your pain My father is the pain you feel everyday
  11. You think you're strong and you can't be broken But your empire is dissolving You thought, you thought I was weak But you got it wrong
  12. I am but a shell encasing a dragon whose fangs yearn for blood
  13. From this moment You will never be alone We're bound together Now and forever The loneliness has gone
  14. A trillion memories Lost in space and time forevermore I just wanted I just needed to be loved.