Four short stories about bad people.
  1. Dreams
    Peter finally crossed that line so Sarah shot him dead. Immediately, the guilt washed over her. He had deserved it, she told herself. He deserved what he got. But the guilt lingered. Festered... It followed her day and night and into her dreams. Where once she could retreat into fantastic worlds, she only saw his face, scarred by her bullet. He’d never say anything. He’d just stare, dumbly, bleeding. Then she’d wake up. Sarah managed to live like this for six months, but eventually, Peter won.
  2. The Bank
    It’s not loaded. Gig thought to himself as he entered the bank. He’d been here countless times, but today, everyone seemed to be staring at him. He knew it had to be his imagination… but still, everyone was looking at him. The cold chunk of metal pressed into the small of his back as Gig selected a teller. “Can I help you, sir?” The friendly guard gave Gig a warm smile. “No… I’m fine.” As Gig left the bank he thought: At least the gun hadn’t been loaded. Someone could have been hurt.
  3. Animals
    Usually, a mean dog will last you about a year. Eventually they’ll lose. When you’re starting out you can make the mistake of getting attached to them, but you wise up. Robert preferred female dogs. He didn’t know why, they just seemed to have more fight in them. Clover was coming up on seven months now. She was sturdy and plenty mean. Robert was told she a bitch in the ring. He never watched the fights himself. He considered himself an animal lover.
  4. The Affair
    Chris was going to cheat on his boyfriend with a woman. He’d been planning it for months. The websites set up for this kind of thing turned out to be scams, but all you need to do is try a few bars and you’ll find someone. There’s someone for everyone, after all. Chris didn’t much like the woman, but it wasn’t about her anyway. It was about hurting Freddy in a way that sticks. Chris couldn’t even remember why he wanted to hurt Freddy in the first place. He just woke up bored one morning.