We've all been there!
  1. I tried to take off my sweatshirt and accidentally took off both sweatshirt AND my t-shirt right after I'd been working out and made some out of shape people uncomfortable.
  2. A web series I wrote, produced, directed, starred in, and catered hit number one on YouTube but with a typo in the title.
  3. When I was going out with Natalie Portman for a summer I accidentally booked two nights in Greece instead of one!
    Boy was she horked off!
  4. My novel won the Pulitzer but I JUST KNOW I didn't speak from the heart!
    Gag me! I wish they'd just take the prize back...
  5. I forgot Barack Obama's first name when we went spelunking. He still won't let me forget it!
  6. My art show attracted more people than the space could hold... Rookie move.
  7. I turned down the following roles: Goldberg from The Mighty Ducks, Sebastian from The Neverending Story and Rufio from Hook. Big mistake!