1. Someone bumps you at a restaurant. Your fork tears through your cheek.
  2. Your meal blinks.
  3. You wake up one morning. Your loved one is gone. You never hear from them again.
  4. Your brakes cut out as you head towards a crosswalk.
  5. You feel a cold fingernail scrape your skin from the toilet bowl.
  6. You're asleep on a road trip. The car door opens on the freeway.
  7. You hear a laugh every night that you can't identify. Then one night, a scream. Then silence.
  8. Someone starts mailing you photos of your grandparents rotting corpses.
  9. You are arrested and sent to jail with no trial or jury.
  10. The shower turns hot one morning and scalds you. You're locked in.
  11. An ant colony in your pillow.