My journey.
  1. I was raised unitarian.
  2. Now I'm an atheist.
  3. I'm in love with a woman who describes her Judaism as such: "I guess I'm loosely culturally Jewish... I don't know. I just like Hanukkah food. Just write whatever makes me sound better."
  4. Her dad is more Jewish than that.
  5. He sometimes asks us to volunteer at University Synagogue.
  6. The first time he did this we hadn't been dating for that long and she was worried it would scare me off.
  7. I said it was fine.
  8. She insisted that it was just going to be gardening. Not religious stuff.
  9. I said it was fine.
  10. We show up. The rabbi says: "There is literally nothing that will bring you closer to God than gardening." We have a good laugh about that.
  11. We garden. The synagogue volunteers take a few photos. Then we're done.
  12. One week later:
  13. It turns out the photo being used on the cover of the synagogue newsletter is me, my girlfriend, and a stranger's child planting tomatoes.
  14. One month later:
  15. ...and that photo is now on the front desk of the synagogue reception.
  16. Even later:
  17. I attend the synagogue talent show that her father is doing a bang-up job of hosting. A photo is taken of me and one of the contestants.
  18. One week later:
  19. That photo is also used as the cover of the newsletter.
  20. And is on the front desk of reception.
  21. The end.