It was 1984 and I was on Spring Break in Mazatlan with my fraternity brothers when I met my future wife ... In the first 72 hours we:
  1. Entered a dance contest and finished third somehow
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    She can dance! I can't dance but we managed to avoid getting sent off the dance floor until 3 couples remained. Michael Jackson was very big in Mexico in 1984 so I'm assuming I moonwalked
  2. Went for a long walk on the beach
    When a 10 minute walk turns into three hours you know you have made a connection
  3. Held hands
    It felt right
  4. Shared the Los Angeles Times
    She had found the paper and offered me the sports section!
  5. Slammed her leg in a taxi door
    On the way to a night club we shared a taxi and I thought she was exiting curbside instead of street side with me and I slammed the door without looking!
  6. Survived me passing out early after running the beach tequila relay race
    People: tequila and running should never mix
  7. Had Mexican kids break confetti eggs over our heads
    It was during a carnaval parade and it felt like egg yolk running down my neck until I realized it was confetti
  8. Took an ill-advised midnight stroll on a deserted beach
    Sounded like a romantic idea but it quickly became a bit spooky so we headed for the safety of our hotel
  9. Had our First Kiss
    First Kisses are totally awesome!
  10. Ate Turtle Soup
    Am I proud of the fact I tried turtle soup? No! My apologies to the sea turtles of 1984!
  11. Got Caught in a Riptide
    Body suffering I got dragged out in a strong rip tide and I ignored all common safety advice and tried to swim against it ... Made it to the beach without anybody realizing I just about had drowned!
  12. Had the Federales Come to our Hotel Room
    If you make too much noise on Spring Break some heavily armed men may show up at your door
  13. Drank Tequila Sunrises Out of a Trashcan
    At least the trash can was lined. Our Spring Break package included a nightly All You Could Drink Happy Hour which featured Tequila Sunrises mixed in a big garbage can. What doesn't kill you ... Makes you stronger ...
  14. Found Out We Both Loved David Letterman
    This was a must for any long term relationship
  15. The Canadian Twins Incident
    On our second night after meeting I was dragged into playing "wingman" for my roommate who was wooing two Canadian girls -- the twins! -- and this happened at the Señor Frogs where my future wife was dining with her friends ... I ditched my roommate and the twins for a shot at love. My roommate ended up spending the night with the twins but that is a story for a whole other list!
  16. Talked Family, Religion, Politics and Pee Wee Herman
    We had open and honest discussions that made me want to spend every day around this amazing woman! Who also had my sense of humor!
  17. We Promised to Stay in Touch After Spring Break
    We did! We've been together now for almost 32 years .., I sure am glad my fraternity brothers -- thanks Steve, Tom, Paul, Drew and Marcelo! -- talked me into going on the Spring Break trip.