We left Texas for "chilly" California and holidays with the in-laws
  1. My son's suitcase took 60 hours to arrive ...
    He took it as a sign to go on a clothes shopping spree. Thank you United Airlines
  2. I saw Bob Barker parking his car in his garage ...
    Now THAT is a celebrity sighting!
  3. Saw people paying to have their photos taken with people in costume on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
    When did that became a THING?!? Why do you want your photo with Thor AND the sexy Santa's helper?
  4. Saw amazing sunsets
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  5. Ate at a hole-in-wall beach bar/restaurant in Santa Monica
    The service was fast and friendly and the drunk locals were wearing Santa hats and belting out Bon Jovi tunes ... So it was awesome!
  6. Treated my boys to their first ever trip to In-N-Out Burger
    Hey ... Best Dad Ever!
  7. Paid for an Ocean View in Newport Beach and woke up to a view of clouds 10 yards from our window!
    Oh well, California needs the rain!
  8. Enjoyed some Stone IPAs with my 23-year-old!c
    When did he become such an amazing man?!? Pretty sure children never know HOW much we care for them. We talked about his work, religion and politics and love life and it was worth the trip alone!!! ... Everything else is icing on the top ...
  9. Stay Tuned!!!
    Now we actually head to the in-laws in Escondido after our family time in LA!