Things I Did While Sleepwalking

As a kid I often got up in my sleep ... Sometime scary or funny things happened or both!
  1. I tried to go swimming
    When I was in grade school my mother heard our back door open and when she investigated she caught me asleep and climbing the ladder to our above ground pool. She suggested I wait until morning to swim and I returned to bed without waking up
  2. I worried about my academic future vs. playing Major League Baseball
    My mother was finishing up the dishes late one night when I slept walked into the kitchen and asked her: "mom when I finish third grade can I play for the Los Angeles Dodgers?" She said "sure" and I happily returned to sleep.
  3. I traumatized my babysitter
    I owe an apology to the poor babysitter who heard me get up to go the bathroom ... Sleepwalking I dreamt I was in the bathroom across from my room when in fact I was peeing into the desk trash can in the corner of my room when the babysitter turned on my bedroom light waking me up.