While driving with Mama Hamilton today, she started talking about her main man, Ludacris. I know he's her big celeb crush, so I asked what other celebs could make her divorce my dad (married 32 yrs).
  1. ****Ludacris****
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    This is my mother's one and only. Talks about him constantly.
  2. Usher
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    Will only say his name the proper way: "Ur-shur."
  3. Pitbull
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    "I like his accent and his music. And I like that he was a fighter--he started from nothing. He was a bad boy."
  4. Steve Carell
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    "I think he's adorable and funny."
  5. Young Nic Cage
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    "The young one, not the old one. The old one's too crazy."
  6. Liam Neeson
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    "I like the way he talks. His voice is very sexy."
  7. Boy George (current day)
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    Mom: "I can't say Boy George because he's gay." Me: "Yes, you can!" Mom: "Oh, okay! He wouldn't even have to have sex with me! I just want to stare into his eyes."
  8. Young Bruce Willis
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    "Tough on the outside, but sweet on the inside. Like a cookie."
  9. Young George Michael
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    "That's my other gay one."
  10. Channing Tatum
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    This was a tricky one. She almost said Bradley Cooper, but opted for Tatum because he's "more wholesome."
  11. DISQUALIFIED: Freddie Prinze (for being dead)
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    "Oh, that's right. He's dead."