On Thursday, I'll eat breakfast, a little bit of everything at Thanksgiving "dinner" at 3pm, and two slices of pie (yaaaaas pumpkin and pecan). But before I got to this place, I wasn't able to do that. If you're stressing about this week, I gotchu, bb. I gotchu. Here are some tips I utilized during recovery.
  1. If you're uncomfortable being near the "food table," sit away from it.
    This doesn't mean take your plate of food and hide in your room. There were many holidays where sitting at the dining room table felt too overwhelming to me. So I'd take my plate of food and sit on the couch next to the table. That way I could put some distance between me and my stressor, but still be able to interact with family.
  2. Wear something comfortable.
    What makes me feel more comfortable in my body, a tight, restrictive dress and high heels or pajamas? Luckily, my parents usually host and they know Dana's spending the day in yoga pants and a sweatshirt (and that's only if I muster the amount of fucks to give to change out of my Eeyore onesie pajamas).
  3. If you'd rather make a meal out of appetizers, DO IT.
    I don't know about you, but sometimes I'm more excited about the baked brie or antipasto plate or chicken wings than the turkey. If you'd rather make a full meal outta that stuff and skip the main event, do it! Make up a plate and put it aside until everyone else is eating dinner. One time a family member asked me what the heck I was doing one Christmas and my mom was like, "She's eating what she wants to eat. Leave her alone." Thanks, @LisaMaria. 😘
  4. Take five minutes to check in with yourself.
    The thing about disordered folks is sometimes we can't feel our hunger/fullness scale (rating hunger on a scale of 1-10; 0 = famished, 10 = full to the point of nausea). If you feel like you're starting to spin out of control, set a timer for five minutes and step out of the room. Come back and check in on your scale. Are you at a 5? Keep eating! A 9? Slow down.
  5. Remember that normal eating does NOT equal perfect eating.
    Normal eating isn't eating 3 500-calorie meals and 2 200-calorie snacks everyday. Normal eating is eating 3 square meals and a snack most of the time and then overeating/under-eating occasionally. For most of us, Thanksgiving is one of those overeating days. Let yourself have the day.