The truth is in the stars... 🌚🌝 💫
  1. Aries ♈️
    Best sex of my entire life. I'd open my mouth to say "Touch me [there]" and HE'D ALREADY BE DOING IT. Sex mindreader. Sex Chris Angel. I'd like to think this is because I'm an Aries and I understand my people.
  2. Taurus ♉️
    Sex is a means to an end to a Taurus. I like to incorporate a little bondage/blindfold action into my sessy time and he was like barely tolerating it. Way too serious.
  3. Gemini ♊️
    Have no idea what they're doing but that's okay. Shhhh, I'll teach you.
  4. Cancer ♋️
    Everything is slooooooow and light light light touches. Highly emotional sex.
  5. Leo ♌️
    Wayyyyy too rough. THINK they know what they're doing, but don't. Don't like taking direction because it hurts their pride.
  6. Capricorn ♑️
    Boring. As. Shit. Watches way too much porn (and this is coming from someone who watches a lot of porn). Uses dirty talk that was definitely previously used by James Deen. No creativity.
  7. Scorpio ♏️
    Awesome. Dominant, makes you feel sexy as FUCK and wanted. A little manipulative though.