I'm so sorry, @tothemaxxx. Please forgive me. I am a weak woman.
  1. Okay, so some of you know that 3-4 months ago, my angel friend @JonMarsh and I played this game where we got stoned and Tindered for each other. I saw him recently and he asked if we could do it again.
    How could I say no to this beautiful face?
  2. So I made a profile. Again. I haven't been on Tinder in over 3 months.
    The good news is I got to use one of the bios I'd always wanted to use!
  3. And then Jon and I had the idea to invite our friend Kyle to join us.
    Kyle is married and has been with his husband since college, so he has never played around on these apps, but he is without a doubt one of the funniest motherfuckers I've ever met.
  4. Kyle accepted. We're getting together 9/16 for the event, which we're dubbing Catfishathon 2015.
    The rules are as follows: whoever solicits the most amount of dick pics wins.
  5. So, of course, I had to match with a bunch of people so Jon, Kyle and I have people to actually talk to on the 16th... right?
  6. So I started messing with people who messaged me dumb shit. I forgot how fucking addictive this is. This dude unmatched me right after this. Maybe I'm a little rusty?
  7. Nope, not rusty.
  8. This dude claimed to be a Calvin Klein model. Show me the receipts.
  9. Why do I get off on this?
  10. I could never handle boring dudes.
  11. Don't laugh at me, sir.
  12. ...
  13. No face dudes, get over yourself.
  14. Laziness will get you nowhere.
  15. Public service announcement. Look at me changing lives.
  16. A small part of me felt bad for the guys who genuinely tried. It's not their fault they don't know I'm on here solely to troll.
    Clarification: a very small part of me. I am an evil person.
  17. 100% true
  18. Then I started soliciting dick pics early because I know I have no chance against 2 gay dudes. My snapchat username is: showmeurdick7.
    I have 2 so far!
  19. The group chat between me, Kyle and Jon is disgusting and I wish all of you could read it.
  20. Ugh, the 16th is going to be SO. MUCH. FUN.