1. Condoms: Life Styles latex-free
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    Only condoms I ever use. Fun fact: the LifeStyles brand is distributed by schools and colleges more often than Trojan because their failure rate (breaking despite being used correctly) is less than Trojan. (I only use the non-latex ones because I'm allergic to latex.)
  2. Lube for penetrative sex: Sliquid Silver (silicone-based)
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    KY is junky garbage lube (and contains cellulose, which is bad for vaginal health because it can cause yeast infections). Sliquid is great for many reasons: 1) can be used with latex and non-latex condoms 2) is safe to ingest (like if you switch from a hand job to oral) 3) most recommended brand among gynecologists. This lube is the gold standard for me. Also, most bang for your buck: a little goes a long way.
  3. Lube for oral sex: flavored Sliquid (green apple flavor)
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    Will legit turn any dick into a Jolly Rancher.
  4. Lube for sex toys: BabeLube Silk (water-based lube)
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    Silicone-based lube should NOT be used with silicone-based toys. It will break down the material of the toy (it will literally slowly melt) and, in turn, have adverse effects on your health.
  5. Lingerie: Topshop
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    Is it just me or does Victoria's Secret's quality feel like it's gone down significantly over the last few years? I tried out the undies at Topshop recently and love that 1) the quality seems decent 2) the pieces are affordable (3 for $20) and 3) I can mix sexy pieces with their awesome cotton boy shorts that have cartoon characters on 'em. If you think I don't own these pizza ones, guess again.
  6. Sex toys: Babeland
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    This is a chain store and my go-to place for toys. All the salespeople are sex educators so you do not feel judged or uncomfortable while shopping. I was down in the dumps after a breakup and the person helping me literally brought me free wine and cupcakes. Like... come on. Babeland carries their own brand of toys as well as toys by other brands. Their top-selling toy is this 15-dollar bullet. It's so good I've replaced mine 2 times. Babeland.com