1. Don't even get me started. I had to delete my Instagram because of this asshole.
  2. After I wrote the list about the stalker, a basic cis straight white dude associated with The List App wrote me an email that said: "Also, my two cents regarding internet stalkers: they want attention, so probably best not to make lists about them as that only fuels the fire."
    Cool! It seems like you've never been a woman on social media before! Good for you. Keep up the good work. 👍🏻 Because silence is always the safest and best course of action. I'll def keep listening to you, bud.
  3. Then, there was the guy who thought it would be funny to comment "Does @john know about this?" on a list I wrote called "Things I Don't Miss About Having Bulimia."
    I deleted the comment and blocked him. What upset me about the comment is that it was clear that there were awesome, powerful people who really connected with the list and expressed it in the comments section and then some asshole comes along and says something really fucking dumb. THINGS I DON'T MISS ABOUT HAVING BULIMIA
  4. Then, when I blocked him, he thought he could post dumb comments about me on other people's lists. People on here that I respect told me it was happening since I couldn't see it.
  5. And so I responded.
  6. After someone told me about this one, I unblocked him to confront him.
  7. Then I wrote a list about all the negative qualities of the men I attract. I ATTRACT A CERTAIN TYPE OF MAN
  8. And some basic cis white dude wrote, "I'm 0/10 for any of these, so... what's up?"
    I deleted the comment.
  9. Even in jest, it's like... why do you feel the need to say that? What. Is. The. Point. Do you think I'm gonna message you for your address, fly out there and when you open the door I'll just drop my pants and bend over?
  10. The thing straight dudes don't get is that we receive these kind of comments--serious and non-serious alike--all the fucking time. Stop.
  11. Then, there was a dude who asked me for my erotica pseudonym in the comments section of one of my lists. I said sorry, but I don't like giving my pseudonym out.
    When List App was beta, I let a few people know the name I wrote under for HarperCollins. Then I decided I didn't want that information to be public.
  12. Then he list requested (aka private messaged me) me, asking me again.
    I already said no. What part of that do you not understand.
  13. And I wrote back, "You're a random straight white dude I don't know, so no."
  14. And he wrote back this.
  15. And then a few minutes passed and he wrote back this.
  16. Oh, honey. Some people don't realize the privilege they have (even if they don't mean it to come across that way). And the things they think they're entitled to. I've dealt with this bullshit for so much of my life. I'm tired, y'all.
  17. I've had this list in my drafts folder for a while.
  18. Happy International Women's Day. ✌🏻️