1. Guys with hats
  2. In every picture
  3. Except the last one
  4. In which they reveal
  5. That they are bald
  6. I just wanna be like
  7. Homeboy, Jude Law doesn't have hair either.
  8. It's nothing to be ashamed of
  9. Jude Law could fuck me so hard that my asshole and vagina switch places just like in "The Holiday," ya feel?
    My vagina is the Hollywood hills home owned by a rich woman and my asshole is a tiny, remote cottage in the snow.
  10. Anyway, I don't trust your shifty, bald ass 🕵
  11. Have you ever smoked so much weed that you feel hung over the next day?
  12. That is me right now
  13. Bye.